Specialized measurements

Enstruct believes that advanced technology is essential to comprehensive and meaningful studies.

In this we invested.

We own:

Integrated thermography system with the latest technology in thermal cameras and result analysis software.

Thermography gives accurate measurements and is used for:

  • Visualization of energy losses
  • Detection of defective photovoltaic panels
  • Detection of incomplete or defective insulation
  • Leaks of hot or cold air
  • Detection of moisture in the insulation in ceilings and walls, in internal and external parts of the building
  • Determination of thermal bridges
  • Identifying mold growth
  • Identifying condensation
  • Detecting leaks in roofs
  • Detecting leaks in pipes
  • Detecting faults in electrical networks

Complete three phase troubleshooting system.

Analyst and power quality recorder. Counts each parameter of power: voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, phase imbalance, harmonics and intermediate harmonics. Locates phenomena as voltage drops, transients, interruptions and rapid voltage changes.

Leading laser system for measuring distances, areas, and slopes and even in inaccessible places with wireless data transfer.