Company profile


ENSTRUCT is an engineering company that operates throughout Greece since 2009. The company plans, organizes and constructs integrated engineering projects with particular specialization in Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

Company’s main activity is energy production and energy saving projects. The company was founded by two young scientists, well trained in their professional object.

The philosophy of Dimitrios Ch. Paparis and Constantine B. Frantzios is to provide high quality services and build a trusting relationship with their customers. Our goal is to consolidate our presence in the domestic market as a reliable provider of high quality services, regardless of the scale of the project, always based on the experience we have obtained in the construction field. Main growth axis of the company is investing in cutting edge technology and continuous training of its human resources.

Our ambition is to be the first ' green' choice for investments of any scale.



Each activity in the construction area, affects the climate equilibrium of our planet. The rational management of energy, the “green” construction practices and the development of Renewable Energy will help to reduce our world’s footprint to the environment

ENSTRUCT aims with its initiatives and practices to be a participant in the public bet of CO2 emission reduction.

Apart from the environmental benefits that our projects and services create - which will be more prominently in the future – they still remain financially attractive products.

Social Responsibility


In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, ENSTRUCT focuses on environmental protection and cares for social welfare, with a series of initiatives regarding:

Support of the local community,

Contribution in cultural events and sport activities with actions and sponsorships

Respect for human values

Every day, active protection of the environment is a fundamental company priority

Our goal is to create the best possible working conditions for our partners by providing an ideal working environment while ensuring their safety.







Dimitrios Paparis

Electrical Engineer



Constantinos Frantzios

Civil Engineer



Margaret Papanastasiou

Business Administration

Deree College