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New research shows that solar energy is much cheaper than analysts estimate

May.27.2014 / tags: Επικαιρότητα

According to a study conducted at Queen's University in Canada, the public is in the dark about the viability of photovoltaic energy systems.

Many analysts argue a higher cost of photovoltaic energy because they do not take into account the latest technological advances and drop in prices," says Joshua Pearce, Adjunct Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. ''Earlier models for calculating the cost of energy from photovoltaic systems are very conservative''.

What is Net Metering

May.27.2014 / tags: Επικαιρότητα

Net metering is a policy for electricity aimed at consumers with RES facilities and allows them to use their energy whenever they need it and not only whenever they produce it.

"Net" in this sentence is meant as "what remains after offsetting" and in this particular case is to offset the energy consumed to the energy produced. For example if someone produces 100kWh in one day, these kWh go to the network and can be used at any time. Essentially we use the network as a giant battery.

Energy Savings - Home and Industrial

Mar.19.2014 / tags: Useful

In recent years due to the growing trend in the cost of electricity, it has become imperative to reduce it by saving systems. The energy cost is an important part of operating expenses in many business categories such as:

  • Industries-Manufacturers 
  • Hotels 
  • Office buildings 
  • Warehouses - Logistics Buildings

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